Type 2A

Bracelet strap
Pin buckle
Dial finish
Titanium with discs
Water resistance
100 m
ø 45 mm
12 mm
Self-winding mechanical
Power reserve: 36 h, 28800 vph
Hours, Minutes, Seconds, Dual time, Worldtime
E-Crown (smart crown patented by Ressence)
Type 2A
Launch date
Price incl. VAT
48’000 CHF

Ressence Type 2A, Welcome to the automated experience.

The Type 2A is a mechanical ( self-winding ) watch that automatically sets and adjusts itself to the correct time.The Type 2A’s main innovation is the in-house developed smart eCrown® or electric-Crown.

eCrown® automates the functions of the traditional crown - setting and winding your watch.

eCrown® does it for you.

The Type 2’s main features are:

- eCrown® monitors the time indicated by the mechanical watch ( hands ) and setsType 2A to the correct time if needed. > No need to set your watch anymore,eCrown® does it for you.

- When NOT on your wrist, eCrown® will stop the seconds (and hold the power reserve in the barrel). From the moment you put the watch back on your wrist, Type 2A will automatically set to the correct time. > no need to wind your mechanical watch anymore.

- eCrown has multiple time-zones with automated setting & adjustment.

Type 2 combines the emotion of mechanical craftmanship and the convenience of electronics. The best of both worlds.

How it works

eCrown® is an electronic module inside Type 2A. It is power by light and works autonomously and independently from any external devices. eCrown® is physically positioned in between the movement and the ROCS module ( Ressence dial ). It is connected via a mechanical differential. If eCrown® is physically removed from the Type 2A, the watch will run like any automatic watch. The technology is ‘plug&play’.

Type 2 does not fit in any category of the GPHG because based on a new technology. Nevertheless, we submit this watch because we believe it is one of the most innovative products in our industry today. Please watch the video to see the watch set itself to the correct time automatically, among others. Welcome to the future of fine watchmaking.

Type 2 with e-Crown technology is a game changer.

We aim to reach the current forward-thinkers and the next generation. They both have new expectations and views on products as they live in a world where everything gets smarter. Type 2 is smart but still mechanical. Like all other Ressence watches, an automatic movement drives the discs of our dial module. Type 2 is made out of 479 components. Our goal, as an innovative and disruptive brand, is to improve mechanical watches from a functional and user experience point of view.

Our watches are always “more”:

-legible thanks to our 2d dial (single surface like words on a piece of paper).

-wearable thanks to slim, curved and crownless case.

-playful thanks to our ever changing dial (discs constantly move).

Type 2 main characteristic is the multiple time zone automated setting & adjusting thanks to our selfengineered electronic technology: the e-Crown.

Type 2 combines the best of both worlds: emotion of mechanical craftsmanship & convenience of electronics.

Eight facts about Type 2A.

1. Type 2 has four discs: An hour disc, a minute disc, a second’s disc and an e-Crown disc. The e-Crown disc has four different modes: time zone 1 in yellow, time zone 2 in green, Bluetooth connection in blue and finally e-Crown off in white.

2. e-Crown is activated and controlled by tapping the glass. Sometimes double tapping, sometimes single tapping.

3. e-Crown is light powered via two solar cells.

4. You have two options to pre-set the multiple time zones of the watch. Either via the lever on the case back, or very conveniently via an app using a Bluetooth connection.

5. Whatever the way you pre-set the time zones, they are registered in the internal memory. e-Crown doesn't rely on radio or gps signals.

6. You don't need the app or your smart phone when using your Type 2. Type 2 if fully autonomous.

7. You can leave your Type 2 up to 3 months in your safe, then simply put it back on your wrist. The watch will set it-self automatically to your last pre-set time zone and release the barrel of the movement.

8. e-Crown can be switched off.

How to pre-set Type 2.

1.Via the lever on the case back.

First double tap the glass of Type 2 to activate e-Crown. Then double tap again to enter the setup mode. Set the new time with the lever on the case back – like you would on any Ressence watch. Once you’ve reached the desired time put the watch back on the wrist. After 30 seconds the watch will confirm time has been reset for the selected time zone. Voilà, the time zone has been reset. Do the same steps to set time zone 2. Super easy.

2.Via the app.

Download the app on your smart phone. First double tap the glass of Type 2 to activate e-Crown. Then single tap the glass to switch from the active time zone to the Bluetooth mode. Open the app and select the city from a scroll down menu. (you can also geo-localise yourself) Then send the selected cities to Type 2. “Disconnect” and Type 2A sets itself correct. Voilà, both time zones have been pre-set. Super easy, super convenient.

How to use Type 2 and why.

There are 2 main benefits of e-Crown: switching easily between time zones and knowing those time zones are always correct. When travelling from Geneva to Dubai for instance, once you land, you just need to double tap and then single tap until you reached your pre-set Dubai time zone. In case you don't travel, the amazing feature of e-Crown is that you can be sure it is always to the correct time. E-Crown monitors the position of the mechanical hands and compares them with its internal digital clock. If not correct, e-Crown will adjust their position. You can trust your Type 2. 

Welcome to the automated experience!