CIGA Design

Planet 001

Bracelet strap
Water resistance
50 m
ø 43 mm
14.5 mm
Self-winding mechanical
Power reserve: 38 h, 28800 variations / hours
Hours, Minutes
Planète 001/CIGA Design
Launch date
Barcelet montre en série de non synchronisation
Price excl. VAT
8’500 CHF

Asynchronous follow movement developed by CIGA Design. Designer—Jianmin Zhang took advantage of flying gears speed ratio’s differentia to invent a brand new movement (3 different patents), which made a breakthrough of hundreds of years traditional horologe that indicated time by hour, minutes and seconds hands. The movement implemented time is represented by a hand’s two ends: wider end indicates hour and narrow end indicates minutes. The circle of dial indicating minutes had been fixed, but the circle of dial indicating hour is movable. The circle of dial indicating hour moves following with the hand, it rotates 330 degree while the hand rotates 360 degree. Planet 001 represented time by a planet—Earth instead of a hand and time is indicated by the two opposite sides of global.
Human being defined the beginning of time is heavens’ movements. Earth revolution period is one year, rotation period is one day. The moon rotates around the Earth, and the revolution period is one month. Earth rotation is the most direct representation of hour, as to minutes that are human being used for accurately interpret hour. This is the fundamental origin of time.
The designer creatively made use of Asynchronous follow movement to make a revolutionary timepiece that rotates the earth in its true geographical shape and indicated time by two opposite sides: diamond side indicated hour, scale indicated minutes. The circle of dial indicates minutes is fixed and the circle of dial indicates hour rotates following with earth, the circle of dial indicates hour rotates 330 degree while earth rotates 360 degree.