Sherpa Watches


Bracelet strap
Pin buckle
Dial finish
Domed, satin paint
Water resistance
200 m
ø 40 mm
13.5 mm
Self-winding mechanical
Power reserve: 38 h, 28800 variations / hours
Hours, Minutes, Seconds, Date
Tibetan buddhist prayer wheels
Launch date
/ 150-pieces limited series
Price incl. VAT
5’500 CHF

The Sherpa OPS is the rebirth of a legendary military style dive watch from the 1960s.

Once made by the late Enicar SA in Lengnau, the amazing history of the Sherpa series was never picked up again ever since. It has a timeless and elegant design featuring an internal dive bezel operated by the second crown at 2 o’ clock.

The first watch to revive the complete COMPRESSOR water resistance technology - crowns and case back

Like its sibling the Sherpa Ultradive, the OPS is a real compressor dive watch featuring a compressor bayonet case-back first pioneered in the 1950s by the ingenious case maker EPSA, Ervin Piquerez from Bassecourt. The new Sherpa Ultradive revives EPSA's patented, non-screw down crowns, which also use the amazing compressor principle:

The more your dive down, the higher the water pressure. The more water pressure, the more it presses the case back into the case and against the gasket. The same principle applies to the unique gasket within the crown: It is pressed tighter onto the tube the more the water pressure rises and is made of a special polymer usually not used in the watch industry. The crowns do not have to be screwed down, yet are highly water resistant.

The compressor system enables longer lasting gaskets, which fade with long lasting constant high pressure (as witnessed in a screw in case back) by applying less pressure on the gaskets in day by day usage.

Sherpa Watches took up this ingenious Swiss invention from the 1950s and revived it in their Ultradive and OPS models. They are the only complete compressor watches on the market.

The EPSA-STOP bayonet compressor case back and the MONOFLEX compressor crowns are unique to Sherpa Watches. The crowns are even made in-house by ourselves according to old plans, but modernised in design and materials. For this, our CEO had to deep-dive into Swiss Archives in the Jura. He was proud to revive the forgotten EPSA heritage and these watches are a homage to this ingenious Juracienne company.

This system works very well and enabled the ISO 6425 certification (4.7.4 and 4.7.10) to 200m.

The only watch with a „spiritual complication“ - Tibetan buddhist prayer wheels in the Mantramatic movement

Sherpa Watches uses the „Sherpa“ name with pride, which was put for the first time in 1956 onto a watch. To give something back to the Sherpa people, we wanted to include something inside the movement which has a close relation to the Sherpa people of Nepal.

The Sherpas are a Tibetan minority in Nepal and adhere to the Tibetan buddhist religion. Our CEO Martin Klocke shares this with them and developed a special Tibetan buddhist feature inside of the movement:

The seconds wheel and the escapement wheel are both micro laser engraved with Tibetan buddhist mantras, according to the buddhist tradition in the Himalayas. The plans were made with the help of the highly renown buddhist meditation master Sherab Gyaltsen Rinpoche to make sure it is 100% correct. It may be the smallest engraved mantra in the world: 1mm long and 0.15mm high, the mantra „OM MANI PEME HUNG“ is engraved many times in both wheels. Per rotation it spreads its good vibration into the world, more than 30 Mio times per year, roughly one per second. It is the first time that a watch movement is transcended from a pure machine into a spiritual instrument: Your watch sends out good wishes and vibrations into the world constantly, for all sentient beings.

Unique design featuring a special Sherpa Orange Swiss Super-LumiNova X1

The Sherpa OPS features a timeless design with internal dive bezel, a slightly domed dial with large printed lume indices which form a rhombus at night. The hour and minute hands are facetted with satin finish. The seconds hand is a speedometer needle design which is completely spray coated from all sides in a special orange lume. The Swiss made domed sapphire box glass adds to the superb vintage yet timeless look.

For the dive bezel and the seconds hand a specially developed Sherpa Orange Swiss Super-Luminova X1 was developed with RC Tritec in Teufen. It is a mixture between dayglo and lume - resulting in a bright orange at day and orange luminous at night.

To counter an often seen whitish glow around the rim of the sapphire box glass, the Swiss partners Sebal and Econorm create a superbly finished and highly domed box glass with black metallisation on the bottom to catch unwanted reflexions.

The stainless steel case is coated in satin-matte black DLC. The case back, which always locks into the same position, shows a beautiful classic dive helmet, the former symbol of EPSA.

All components are made in Germany and Switzerland, thus helping to sustain the know-how here in Europe, and enabling a sustainable European watch business for the future. Sustainability has many facets.

For transparency, the partners and suppliers are named on our website

About Sherpa Watches

Sherpa Watches is a very young and small independent watch brand from Meerbusch close to Düsseldorf in Germany. It was started by CEO Martin Klocke in 2019 out of passion and is dedicated to bringing back the Sherpa line of watches, in the best form possible. All watches have "The heart that ticks".


We are sourcing every component in Germany and Switzerland, thus reducing transport cost and footprint, environmental impact (compared to Asia) and thus also sustaining the business and know how for the future in Europe. Even the packaging is done in Europe.