Mastertimer Salah Tourbillon Automatic

Bracelet strap
Durable elastic textil strap
Hook-in latch
Dial finish
Water resistance
30 m
ø 42 mm
15.6 mm
Self-winding mechanical
Power reserve: 50 h, 28800 vph
Hours, Minutes, Seconds, Tourbillon
Mecca compass and prayer time indicator
Launch date
Mecca Collection
Price incl. VAT
74’500 CHF

Mastertimer Salah Tourbillon Automatic

The most prestigious mechanical watches come from Switzerland. The smartest ones don’t. And no one has dared to combine the two into something that is both classic and clever – until now.

The timepieces in the Aramedes Mecca Collection have a traditional mechanical movement that tells the time with hours, minutes, and seconds. In addition, these watches display information that supports Muslims in the practice of their faith. The most elaborate model in this collection is the Mastertimer Salah Tourbillon Automatic, which combines two supporting functions and a flying tourbillon.

At 3 o'clock is the Qibla Indicator. The hand on this sub-dial indicates the direction of Mecca at the push of a button. The Salah Indicator at 9 o'clock shows the upcoming prayer time. When this is reached, the watch vibrates 5 times. After 15 minutes, the display changes automatically and the two hands move to the next prayer time. If you prefer not to feel the subtle vibration of the alarm, you can turn it on and off by pressing the pusher at 4 o'clock. The tourbillon can be seen through the opening in the dial at 6 o'clock. It is equipped with a 22K gold rotor, two barrels and a titanium cage.

The display of Qibla and Salah is not possible in a purely mechanical way. The direction of Mecca, contrary to the direction of north, is relative and depends on the location. And the prayer times are tied to the position of the sun and therefore shift by a few minutes every day.

To make this daily changing and location-dependent information available in the watch, an electronic module was mounted on top of the mechanical movement. The AraTec 1 Module is equipped with a processor that calculates the direction of Mecca via triangulation with the support of the compass, which is also located on the module. Pressing the button at 2 o'clock triggers the calculation, and the step motor located under the Qibla Indicator moves the hand in the direction of Mecca. The prayer times on the Salah Indicator are automatically calculated and displayed by the module and do not require manual activation. The movement of these hands is made possible by a step motor located under the sub-dial at 9 o’clock.

The AraTec 1 Module and the underlying technology were conceived, developed, and built by Aramedes in Zürich. In December 2020, the patent for this technology was granted by the Swiss Federal Office of Intellectual Property.

With the Mecca Collection, Aramedes is not only building a cultural bridge, but also a technological one, as these watches combine traditional mechanical watchmaking with timeless design and pioneering technology.