Joséphine Aigrette Impériale

Grey gold
Bracelet strap
White gold
Water resistance
30 m
ø 24 mm
8.23 mm
Hours, Minutes
Launch date
Price excl. VAT
269’500 CHF

Born amidst the Caribbean island of Martinique’s lush gardens, Joséphine was an adept of refined hedonism where sensual pleasure mingled with exquisite taste.
She chose the graceful swan over the imperial eagle, the sparkle of nature over the cool shades of palace marble, the transparency of muslin over the sti9ness of regal brocade…
She added femininity to the geometric lines of Neo-classicism with arabesques, scrolls, foliage and floral motifs, softening the military rationality of the Empire with a poetic sensuality, full of curves and surprises. Guided by her unfailing passion, she happily ventured into the world of tender feelings where emotions are as sparkling as diamonds and as intricate as lace… Led by her imagination, she invented a delicate style celebrating love, life and cherished moments with shimmering jewels and the rarest stones. The Joséphine collection is a precious echo of its muse’s taste, and perpetuates the Maison Chaumet’s distinctive style made of graceful elegance and two hundred and thirty years of expert tradition with contemporary creativity.
Strength and delicacy, balance and movement: the Joséphine collection expresses the Chaumet style, where the geometric motifs inspired by the repertoire of classical architecture embrace the supple swirls and vivacious movements of the instant.
Like sparkling droplets, almost 1400 stones adorn the Josephine watch with dazzling light.
Feminine, versatile and light, the curves of this timepiece sculpt exquisite volume and volutes, creating a swirling relief for this virtuoso piece; when more than 17 carats of white diamonds give it a warm radiance.
The most refined details mark the bracelet out: each link is made of two parts, and a slight opening is left between them, which lets the piece breathe and give again a subtle impression of lightness.
To give this Josephine watch an incredible suppleness, each link of the bracelet is notched to obtain a perfect articulation and fit.
This precious timepiece also features a perfect geometry: no lugs and no crown, a very pure yet intricate shape, a real tribute to the pear shape, signature of the Josephine collection.