Moritz Grossmann Glashütte l/SA

HAMATIC Vintage gold hands

Pink gold
Bracelet strap
Pin buckle
Dial finish
Black-or dial with a mirror-like surface
ø 41 mm
11.35 mm
Self-winding mechanical
Power reserve: 72 h, 21600 variations / hours
Hours, Minutes, Seconds
Launch date
BENU Heritage / 8-pieces limited series
Price incl. VAT
49’400 CHF

The HAMATIC Vintage gold hands impresses with ornate, exquisitely finished hands in 750/000 rose gold

The ultimate in precision fused with consummate aesthetics – Glashütte’s watchmaking artistry never fails to charm. A maxim the Moritz Grossmann manufactory lives by wholeheartedly, taking it to the pinnacle of performance by manufacturing the hands in-house. Moritz Grossmann is one of a small circle of global manufacturers that has mastered this time-consuming, traditional craft and is now breathing new life into it. Manufacturing this essential element – literally the central character for displaying the time – is considered an art in itself. 

This is certainly true for exquisite gold hands, which will preserve their superior value over decades and centuries to come. Grossmann’s skilled specialists spend an entire day perfecting a single set of hands by hand, including the hand bushings. This time-consuming procedure commences by milling and eroding the blank from a gold plate, the fine gold dust is also collected in the process. The blank is then carefully ground all the way around using diamond files. Extraordinary skill, considerable patience and many years of experience are essential for shaping the contours and curves, and for smoothing and polishing all sides and surfaces down to the fractions of a millimetre. The hand finishers at Moritz Grossmann are only satisfied once the characteristic, fine tip of the silhouette is perfect. 

The HAMATIC Vintage with rose gold lance hands 

Limited to eight pieces worldwide, the special edition HAMATIC Vintage features a ‘black-or’ dial with long, slender index hands in solid gold. The delicate tip of these hands lends a charming touch to the time display. 

An elaborate manual process is used to create the exceptionally exquisite  ‘black-or’ dial of the HAMATIC Vintage. Several layers of anthracite lacquer are applied to a base of precious German silver and polished until a subtle, gleaming, mirror-like surface emerges. The final touch involves a transparent layer to fix the expressive ‘black or’ dial in place.

The exquisite dial in its deep black colour beautifully accentuates the fine gold hands. Framed by a rose gold case, the result is a supremely elegant ensemble and the perfect embodiment of Grossmann’s watchmaking artistry. 

A new interpretation of the self-winding hammer mechanism

People commonly associate a hammer with a crude working tool made for heavy labour. It is hard to imagine this tool being used in the delicate microcosm of a movement. That this is the case, however, illustrates once more just how wondrous and astonishing the world of precision watchmaking is in general, and Grossmann’s in particular. 

The Moritz Grossmann HAMATIC is the most beautiful example of this traditional philosophy. This self-winding three-hand watch is not powered by a rotor, as is usually the case. Instead, a small pendulum in the shape of a hammer with a heavy gold hammer head takes on this essential role; the pendulum is constantly deflected by the movement of the wearer’s arm. This kinetic energy is transferred via the ratchet wheel to the mainspring in the barrel and winds the watch. 

Inspired by models from the 19th century, the advantages of this powerful mechanism lie not only in the high torque and resultant optimisation of energy, but also in the open design, most notably the oval hammer body, which gives a fascinating view right into the very depths of the movement. As is to be expected, all parts of the Calibre 106.0 – even those that are not visible – are exquisitely finished in typical Grossmann fashion. The result is a feast for the eyes that will not fail to impress aficionados and connoisseurs everywhere.