Green Carpet Collection Watch

Grey gold
Bracelet strap
Pin buckle
Hours, Minutes
Launch date
Green Carpet Collection / 1-piece limited series
Price excl. VAT
495’000 CHF

Green Carpet Collection Watch description
Green Carpet Collection watch in 18ct white Fairmined gold set with marquise-cut diamonds. Quartz movement. Full set diamond bracelet, buckle in 18ct white Fairmined gold adorned with a Palme set with diamonds. All diamonds are sourced from a producer who is a RJC certified member.
The green carpet collection watch is part of Chopard’s Journey to sustainable luxury.
Building on the growing success of its multi-year programme, The Journey to Sustainable Luxury launched in 2013, Chopard is proud to announce its support for a new gold mine in Bolivia. The 15 de Agosto Cooperative is one of the largest independent cooperatives in the country with 198 members, including 78 women. The mine is based high in the magnificent Andes mountain range, at over 4000m above sea level.
The Journey, launched in partnership with Eco-Age and its creative director Livia Firth, began with a world first that saw Chopard forge a philanthropic relationship with the influential South American mining NGO, the Alliance for Responsible Mining (ARM).  Chopard became the world’s first watch and luxury jewellery company to support and enable gold mining communities to reach Fairmined certification* and provide training, social welfare and environmental support.
The first artisanal community mine Chopard worked with was the Coodmilla Cooperative in La Lllanada, in the Nariño Department of Colombia. The mine supports around 1860 people in la Llanada, a region where the economic activity is directly linked to mining.  With the support of Chopard and ARM, Coodmilla will reach Fairmined certification this year.
Caroline Scheufele, Co-President and Artistic Director of Chopard said: “We are so proud to take the next step on our Journey to Sustainable Luxury. It has not been easy but the results are so incredible. We can truly see the differences that we are making to the mining communities”.
“It has been very important to Chopard to continue with our bold commitment. Investing in these mines is crucial to supporting the lives of people who make our business possible.” said Karl Friedrich Scheufele, Co-President of Chopard. “Over a thousand families benefited through social, environmental and training provision with our initial commitment and now we are going to be able expand that commitment to touch many more lives.”
To ensure the traceability of the Fairmined gold now used by Chopard, the company has created a segregation process in its workshops in Geneva. The Green Carpet Collections of High Jewellery, made in accordance with the Green Carpet Challenge (GCC) ethical benchmarking, are all produced through this dedicated process.