Carl F. Bucherer

Diva Haute Joaillerie

Grey gold
Bracelet strap
Grey gold
Folding buckle
Water resistance
30 m
ø 34 mm
9.45 mm
Hours, Minutes
Launch date
Pathos / 88-pieces limited series
Price excl. VAT
400’000 CHF

Combining a unique design with the highest-quality materials, the Pathos Diva Haute Joaillerie is the latest masterpiece from the House of Carl F. Bucherer in Lucerne. A gem of a wristwatch, it was created for eternity and for many women is destined to be a case of love at first sight.
Genuine craftsmanship and expertise are essential when it comes to creating a precious jeweled watch that exudes sheer brilliance. For almost a hundred years the Lucerne company has nurtured the crafts of watchmaking and jewelry: a tradition reflected in glamorous and stunning fashion in the Pathos Diva Haute Joaillerie.
Born of tradition
In 1919, the two sons of company founder Carl Friedrich Bucherer joined forces to launch a fabulous ladies’ watch collection that was already far ahead of its time. The filigree models, designed in the Art Deco style, were launched at a time when wristwatches had not yet become widely popular and were generally reserved for a male clientele. With their irresistible blend of elegance and the practical time display, these exquisite timepieces had soon been adopted by ladies everywhere, and continue to enchant women the world over. With the Pathos Diva Haute Joaillerie, Carl F. Bucherer presents its latest addition to the jeweled ladies' watch line, a timepiece that radiates a singular splendor of its own and captivates the eye as if by magic.
Radiant aura
The Pathos Diva Haute Joaillerie is set with countless baguette- and brilliant-cut diamonds and housed in a case of pure white gold. Gemstones adorn the dial in a gracefully flowing hourglass shape. The aureole, a daintily sculpted halo that gives the watch an incomparable sense of lightness, is encircled by the sparkling brilliance of the diamonds. The stones are meticulously hand-set, creating an entrancing overall image whose glittering splendor is reminiscent of the night sky. The result is an inspired creation that will doubtless be a source of wonderment for generations to come. The shimmering play of light gives the timepiece a magical aura, whose scintillating elegance is guaranteed to thrill. Like all pieces from the House of Carl F. Bucherer, the Pathos Diva Haute Joaillerie does far more than tell the time: it will lend an extra-special aura to it wearer, as if by sheer magic.