ID Genève Watches

Circular S


100% recycled solar remelted steel
Bracelet strap
V-textile made of 100% vegetal waste
Folding buckle
Dial finish
Sunbeam brushing, laser engraving
Water resistance
50 m
ø 41 mm
9.65 mm
Self-winding mechanical
Power reserve: 38 h, 28800 variations / hours
Hours, Minutes, Seconds, Date
Launch date
Price incl. VAT
4’680 CHF

CIRCULAR S model is a “circular swiss-made” watch, it is created based on the circular economy pillars. The concept of this model is to highlight the revolution in solar-powered steel remelting.

The stainless steel 1.4441 case is 100% recycled and comes from a recycling facility that collects the production waste of about 40 companies. It is collected, sorted, flashed, cleaned, and remelted using the sun in a solar furnace. It has an impact 165 times lower than the industry average. 

The case's high level of finish is made possible by a recipe carefully studied. The challenge was to achieve high quality polishing with 100% recycled steel. The recycled metal, which we call the "new gold of Jura", had to be valued as luxury and not as waste. We created complex finishes so that the jewel would catch the light at different points and pay homage to all the recycling work.

Strap is made 100% from green waste, without additional PU binder. We spent 2 years to co-develop this new material with a small UK start-up Biophilica, after much testing and 57 prototypes, we have improved quality to achieve a satisfactory life cycle of the strap, 100% vegetal waste, industrial compostable in Lavigny, Switzerland. We have included the composting costs in the strap price. 

We only use automatic movements already in circulation. We dismantle, clean, oiled and reassemble them with the same guarantee as new. We use the very robust ETA 2824 movement, because it is known by watchmakers all over the world and can be easily repaired, in order to extend the life cycle of the watch.

On all the watch, we have developed a formal language inspired by the repair of mechanical watch movements. For hundreds of years, gear teeth have been repaired using a dovetail-shaped piece. This aesthetic language has been applied to the strap fastening, hands and many other details. 

To fight the obsolescence of our first collection, we designed the product with modularity in mind. Side additions, dials and bracelets can be changed at any time. For the CIRCULAR S we've designed fluted sides and a sunbeam brushed dial to emphasize the model's solar expression.

The model box is made from seaweed. We collaborated with Notpla, recent winner of the Earthshot prize. The future potential of seaweed is very high, as it is a plant that absorbs 20 times more CO2 than trees. What's more, the hardness of this new material comes solely from compression - there's no need to add any binders. The box is therefore compostable at home, and can even be used as fertilizer for plants when dissolved in water. 


We have built a complete eco-system around the watch. All its aspects have been thought in a circular way and it has a significantly lower carbon footprint than the industry standard. 

We use only refurbished movements, vegetable textile straps, locally recycled and solar remelted stainless steel, and we have created a modular design easy to repair and replace parts. 

For the production, we focus on short routes and the respect of local and social production. We have chosen to be transparent: the full list of our suppliers is on our website.

The extension of the life cycle is promoted thanks to our after-sales service platform. When you buy an ID watch you receive circular coins = virtual currency that you can exchange for services, re-oil your movement or buy a new bracelet. In the future, it will be a platform for reselling your watch or buying one from second-hand.

To send our watches all over the world through e-commerce, we have developed a light mycelium home compostable packaging. It's a natural alternative to polystyrene, and unlike other «compostable» packaging, it decomposes naturally in the soil, without the use of chemicals or energy-intensive industrial composting facilities. It's Cradle to Cradle certified, the benchmark for circular economy.

To keep our brand at the forefront of circularity, we constantly conduct research in our IDG LAB to test and develop new materials.