Chevalley Le Bris

Black Sail

Ceramic, Carbon
Bracelet strap
Leather, Rubber
Folding buckle
Number of carats
Dial finish
Piece of nautic sail
Water resistance
50 m
ø 44 mm
10.1 mm
Self-winding mechanical
Power reserve: 48 h, 21600 variations / hours
Hours, Minutes, Seconds, Date
Launch date
ARMADA Collection / 15-pieces limited series
Price incl. VAT
37’500 CHF

The BLACK SAIL timepiece is a modular watch.

Accompanied by the ELEMENT N°4 watch, the BLACK SAIL watch judiciously completes the TOME 1 of the ARMADA Collection presented by CHEVALLEY LE BRIS.

Nestled in a real logbook, the two watches find their place alongside two clasp circles, two gussets and a chain. The ensemble takes us on a prestigious voyage, with the spirit turned towards the open sea and adventure.

The first distinctive element of CHEVALLEY LE BRIS timepieces is the clasp cirlce. The latter, specially developed to secure the Brand's watch cases, is a real challenge to ensure a homogeneous and reliable tension of the closing system. This mechanical complexity allows the wearer to interchange the BLACK SAIL and Element N°4 watches cases as the wind and tides change.

The BLACK SAIL watch is marked by a complex and elegant dial integrating a real piece of a competition sail, giving it a resolutely sporty look.

Emblematic of the brand, the stratification of the circle reflects the world, the marine exploration and the synergy that brings the two founders together. The characteristic "Circles of Time" allow us to read the instant. They are the allegory of the marine compass and the course taken by the armada. 

BLACK SAIL takes care to preserve all of the fine watchmaking know-how in implementing the art of decoration. These admirable finitions are bringing the wearer on a sensory journey.

The back of this piece reveals the caliber and its oscillating weight sculpted with the brand's lettering. The CLB-V221 extra-flat caliber of CHEVALLEY LE BRIS is the result of a specific in-house development and comes from a Swiss Haute Horlogerie Manufacture in the Val de Travers. 

In a desire for aesthetics and legibility, the date has been moved to the outer limits of the dial and offers a 7-day reading. This remarkable work on the date has enabled the original design to be respected.

Through its significantly innovative concept, the ARMADA Collection is masterfully blending fine-watching and technical worlds while steeping within the artistic and nautical one. The Logbook, the clasp circle, the cases, the spectacular play of materials and evocative details borrowed from the nautical world and placed at the service of fine watchmaking form the true DNA of the CHEVALLEY LE BRIS watches.