Black hole Tourbillon

Bracelet strap
Pin buckle
Dial finish
Titanium, decorated and painted by hand
Water resistance
30 m
49 x 48.5 mm
12.36 mm
Manual-winding mechanical
Power reserve: 42 h, 21600 variations / hours
Hours, Minutes, Power reserve indicator, Jumping hours, Tourbillon, Automaton
Semi-automatic time setting
Launch date
/ 24-pieces limited series
Price incl. VAT
310’000 CHF

Among the most fascinating discoveries of humanity, proving the existence of black holes has changed our perception of the world. When we question our perception of spatial and temporal dimensions, our fundamental reference lines evolve. In addition to contributing to the research and improvement of our technologies, these discoveries have freed the imagination of several generations. They have allowed authors from all over the world to project us into a multitude of futuristic scenarios.

We were born and raised with the dreams of this science fiction.

At Vanguart, it is a careful thought about the future that stimulates our creativity. Our first masterpiece, the Black Hole Tourbillon, is the starting point of our fiction and the first achievement of the challenge we set ourselves: to realize our most extraordinary ideas, to bend the rules and to defy the boundaries of the possible.

Giving shape to the gravitational waves and the curvature of the spacetime is the architectural concept of the Black Hole watch. The whole mechanism seems to collapse under an intense force of attraction. In its center levitates our Flying Tourbillon.

The time is displayed by 3 coaxial disks. One for the hours and two for the minutes. The reading is done horizontally, at the left side of the vortex, indicated by an arrow. The flying tourbillon is slightly shifted to optimize the reading. The discs performs their rotation sequence each minute. The speed of the rotation was designed to admire the vortex effect and to contemplate the dance of time.

The JOYSTICK, designed in-house, allows for a more intuitive control of time. 

Engage it in one direction and it runs continuously. Engage it in the other direction and time flows back. For us, this new feature is more than a technological patent, it embodies our vision for future Vanguart creations.

We design complications, but what you interact with is a simplification.

We kept in mind the vision of an ergonomic and comfortable horological creation, in terms of size, weight, and shapes. The product was assessed from the point of view of the wearer, but also from the point of view of the direct environment, apparel and materials in contact. No limits were imposed on the modeling, as we chose to make optimal use of the most advanced technologies. Subject-matter experts were called upon to guarantee the quality of the manufacturing of all components, whether metallic, mineral or synthetic. A particular care has been given to the hand-made finishes. 

To sublimate the curves of such a piece, we have mobilized all the watchmaking know-how.

Major challenges were faced in encapsulating the 775 components of this compact, portable, waterproof and dustproof work of art. The assembly of the case conceals the fasteners that hold it together. The mechanism that allows the strap to be changed at the touch of a button is concealed. To ensure that the wearer’s experience remains the guiding idea behind the entire design, each form and function has assimilated all the necessary complexity.

It is these ultimate details that turn this mechanical marvel into a vision that came from elsewhere.