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Geneva, March 30th 2021 - The International Academy of the GPHG has been enriched with new competencies by welcoming more than one hundred new members in 2021. Having thus reached a current total of 500 members for its second year in existence, it represents a vast network of ambassadors of the passion for watchmaking and its worldwide market. The GPHG Foundation is delighted to be publishing the 2021 membership list of the Academy on its www.gphg.org website today.

Together, members of the GPHG Academy will reward the excellence of contemporary watchmaking creations. As was the case last year, they will first have the opportunity to propose eligible watches. Following the official entry of the models by the respective brands, they will be invited during the summer to participate in a first round of voting to select the nominated watches, and then in the autumn they will take part in a second vote to determine the 2021 prize list.

The Foundation is proud to welcome the personalities who are joining the Academy this year and thanks all members for their involvement and their commitment to serving the cause of watchmaking.

With the creation in 2020 of its Academy, which encompasses all key stakeholders in the sector from around the world, the GPHG has undertaken a thorough transformation of its nomination and voting process. In doing so, it is significantly expanding its mission of enhancing the renown of the watchmaking industry.

As a strategic instrument for promoting the industry's new releases, the GPHG enables an international audience to step with developments in the art of watchmaking through a competition culminating in the awards ceremony, of which the 21st edition will take place on Thursday November 4th 2021.

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