Spacewalk, Commemorative Edition

Case material
Bracelet strap
Water resistance
100 m
53 x 48.7 mm
15.2 mm
Power reserve: 72 h
Hours, Minutes, Seconds, Date, Chronograph, Dual time, powerreserve
Spring Drive / 100-pieces limited series
The SEIKO Spring Drive Spacewalk is the first watch ever designed specifically for use in outer space. At the request of the space adventurer, Richard Garriott, SEIKO designed and built a watch to withstand the extreme temperatures, pressures and radiation conditions involved in an Extra-vehicular Activity (EVA), or spacewalk. The case was designed for maximum size and legibility; it has a dial opening of 37mm and yet a weight of only 92.5 grams. The buttons were placed at the 12 o'clock position to allow easy operation even when the astronaut is wearing heavy gloves. Richard wore the watch on his 12-day mission and two months later, the watch was actually worn during a 5-hour-38-minute EVA. It performed perfectly throughout.After the capability of the watch has been proven, this commemorative edition as advised by Richard, was issued to help build awareness of the need for more private space exploration. This watch has the exact same specifications as the watch which went into space with one adaptation: a screw-in crown is used. To ensure ease of manual winding, the crown on the original was not a screw-in; however, as the selfwinding mechanism worked flawlessly in space, a screw-in crown is used in the commemorative edition to enhance the overall security of the case. The watch has a ballistic nylon strap. An additional elastic nylon strap, which is exactly the same as the one used in space, is included. Spring Drive ChronographSpring Drive is SEIKO's original and proprietary movement in which the mechanical and the quartz system are fused together. It is based on the foundation of all mechanical watch technology, but it uses an entirely original system for time regulation that delivers the equivalent of one-second-per-day accuracy, and, uniquely features, glide-motion hands that represent the continuous, even motion of time.Spring Drive is the perfect platform for a precision chronograph. As the chronograph hands move in glide motion, it records elapsed time smoothly and precisely without a ‘tick'. It stops precisely when the button is pressed, not at the nearest second or 1/10th of a second. The spring Drive chronograph is the only watch that can measure with precision the natural and continuous flow of time. A vertical clutch and column wheel are used to ensure precise chronograph operation and the highest level of accuracy.