Maurice Lacroix

Eternal Moon

Case material
Bracelet strap
Folding buckle
ø 38 mm
Date, Day, Month, Moon phases
Price excl.VAT
15'500 CHF

Delights and Mysteries of Feminine Time<br/>The aura is magnetic. The look is enchanting. The profile is contemporary. Pure magic – magic<br/>of technology and aesthetics, of shadow and light, of dreams and spontaneity.<br/>An icon with gentle feminine curves, it imparts to time a dedication to the image of its nature: dreamlike,<br/>elusive, fascinating. It is the new Maurice Lacroix line for women. A line that lends its mystery to<br/>the sophistication of an automatic movement. The spectacle of time takes on its most sparkling<br/>finery, reconciling the spirit of a traditional manufacture and a contemporary vision of watchmaking.<br/>Designed for women desiring exclusivity and refinement, Starside envelopes time in an allegorical and<br/>hushed universe. In keeping with a personality that creates a trend instead of conforming to it, the<br/>collection pays homage to the watchmaking tradition while swathing its models with a freshness that<br/>combines poetry, modernity and femininity.<br/>The choreography of time takes place in an enchanted decor where the curves lead the dance. The<br/>case swathes itself delightfully in the softness of the lugs. Its sensual and graciously profiled curvature<br/>reveals a tulip-shaped middle part and a bezel in a diamond aureola. The voluptuous contours, courted<br/>by a stylized crown set with a star, are joined to a cambered sapphire glass that tenderly frames a<br/>sparkling and mysterious face.<br/>In the kingdom of sensuality, harmony can be found in the tiniest element of the watch. The dial, on<br/>which a river of diamonds wends a path, sublimates the atmosphere with its eurhythmy. The hands<br/>graze it with their tapered silhouette. The cortege of time indications and complications surprise the<br/>look with a fluid, melodious and intimately poetic aesthetic.<br/>The Starside Eternal Moon features the moon in a beautiful setting veiled in sapphire glass. The lunar<br/>disc with the unusual and post-modern graphics inexorably draws attention. Fine symmetrical<br/>crescent-form openings reveal the day and the month, while the date turns around the dial lit up by<br/>long radiating applied index marks. The Starside Magic Seconds, in turn, give the best part to the<br/>small seconds indication which strolls on a disc punctuated by a blue or translucent sapphire<br/>cabochon. The large date appears opposite.<br/>In the grooves, the automatic rewinding mechanism orchestrates the ball; the oscillating rotor, whose<br/>finishes dance at the pleasure of movement and light, adopts a delicious plumpness. The steel<br/>bracelet, whose feminine lines recalls those of the case, plays with the light and deploys its undulating<br/>flexibility. It caresses and embraces the curvature of the wrist with delight. Some versions prefer to<br/>that the silkiness of a satin strap closed by a folding clasp.<br/>