Graff Luxury Watches

Montre Butterfly multicolore

Or blanc
Or blanc
Boucle déployante
Lunette, boîtier, cadran, bracelet, boucle
30 m
ø 32 mm
9.12 mm
Heures, Minutes
Butterfly / Série limitée à 10 exemplaires
Prix HT
480'000 CHF

The delicate butterfly, a symbol of new beginnings, has been depicted in artist’s scenes since early civilisation; images of butterflies appeared in ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics over 3,500 years ago.
One superstition says that if a butterfly enters your room it is a premonition that the person you love most in the world is coming to see you; in another, if a butterfly lands on you it is good luck. In Japan, butterflies are often seen as the personification of one’s soul; in Chinese culture, two butterflies flying together symbolise love.
With such a strong and beautiful symbolism, it is no surprise that butterflies have been a significant motif in jewellery design throughout history.
The butterfly motif has been a classic inspiration for the design team at Graff Diamonds, first with the creation of the classic Butterfly collection, followed more recently by the updated Butterfly Motif and Butterfly Silhouette collections.
These stunning collections feature a beautiful butterfly brought to life through a myriad of exquisite gemstones has found its latest incarnation in Graff’s iconic Butterfly Watch.
Inspired by the delicate symmetry of the wings of a butterfly, the Butterfly Watch is a modern reworking of this timeless subject, interpreted through the finest quality gemstones in the world.
The wings of the butterfly are comprised of a highly sculptural arrangement of four dazzling pear shape diamonds, appear to hover above a layer of intricately set gemstones, ready to take off in flight.
Each stone has been carefully hand selected and set by Graff’s master craftsmen, ensuring that only the finest quality stones are used. At the centre of the watch is a delicate pavé diamond timepiece, an exemplary model of flawless Swiss watch making skill.
Available in a graceful all-diamond design set on an elegant black satin strap, and also in striking gemstone versions including richly coloured sapphires, rubies and emeralds, set with complimentary coloured alligator straps, the Butterfly Watch is another shining example of Graff’s inimitable flair for jewellery design combined with Swiss watch making excellence.