Andersen Genève

Vita Vinum

Case material
White gold, Red gold
Bracelet strap
Pin buckle
Water resistance
10 m
ø 42.5 mm
11 mm
Self-winding mechanical
Power reserve: 36 h, 21600 variations / hours
Hours, Minutes, Month
One rotating disc turning in 365 days
Art & Culture / 12-pieces limited series
Price incl. VAT
42'800 CHF

At Baselword 2019 ANDERSEN Genève introduced a new timepiece collection called: Art & Culture.

Timepieces that will be part of this collection will deeply involve craftsmanship, different kind of « Art » and Culture.

The first timepiece to be presented in this new collection is the “Vita Vinum” (Life, Wine in Latin). ANDERSEN Genève pays homage to wine, a theme that dates back to the earliest days of Humanity.

The first watch to be introduced in this series is a tribute to wine, honouring the various stages involved in the wine-making process. Wine not only being significant in a gentleman’s life but more importantly the watch celebrates and draws attention to wine growers and wine lovers from the past, present and future. One rotating disc turning one time in 365 days displays the twelve scenes of the wine grower’s work which is to be done over the year (over 12 months). Wine growers being the craftsmen in their art!

This timepiece has been manufactured in collaboration with the greatest masters in their respective art field. By unifying their ultimate know-how, this timepiece is capturing the essence of craftsmanship. Craftsmanship, for which Andersen Genève is highly regarded since 1980 - the watch unveils the signature intricacies from the watchmaker to the miniature painter.

The front of the watch is revealing an exclusive dial made from 21 ct blue gold with “tapisserie” hand guilloché pattern; blue gold being a signature at ANDERSEN Genève that requires the help of a jeweller to obtain those iconic gold colours. The “tapisserie” pattern is the achievement of another man, a man with passion for guilloché.

For several months, a highly experienced miniature painter will work on the 12 months rotating disc. Patience and experience is the key to reveal the smallest details on the 12 scenes. He can achieve this with the help of binocular and other brushes that have three, two or even only one hair!

The master hand engraver will customise every piece to the Collector’s request; the 42.5mm red gold back offers a large space for special hand engraved scenes or landscapes; wine yards from different regions in the world is a much appreciated theme.

Even the very unique two-tone red & white gold case has been manufactured by a craftsman. With over 30 years of case making experience, the “Empire Style” case with flutes (cannelures in French) is made in a traditional way without the use of a CNC machine.

Finally, the skilled and experienced watchmaker will assemble all the elements to give birth to a watch, a watch with soul. It will be extremely limited, to 12 pieces only.


Since 1980 Svend Andersen has been manufacturing complicated timepieces and "pièces uniques" for watch collectors. He holds world records such as for the smallest lady annual calender, the smallest perpetuel calender, or the thinnest world time watch ever produced among others. He created many annual and perpetuel calenders and even the secular perpetuel calender.

Today’s watch collection is composed of the following models

-    "Montre à Tact" (without hands) where one can read time in a small window between the lugs thus leaving free personalization of the dial with miniature-painting or hand "guillochage".

-    "Automaton" that offers very complicated (Erotical) Automatons on the back of the watch with bespoke dials possibilities.

-    Watches with multiple time zones – World-Time Watches (Tempus Terrae Collection).

-    "Hautes Complications" – Perpetuel Secular Calender 20th Anniversary or Minute Repeater or Jumping Hours etc.

-    Vita Vinum from the newly created “Art & Culture” Collection.

-    "pièces uniques" manufactured in collaboration with watch collectors.