TAG Heuer

« Vanquish Calibre 360 »

Case material
Bracelet strap

Another milestone in Watch-making

The most extreme and accomplished high end mechanical sports chronograph ever developed.

In 2005 TAG Heuer invents the VANQUISH Calibre 360 CHRONOGRAPH, the first ever 1/100th of a second mechanical wrist chronograph.

The most precise ever:
1/100th of a second achieved thanks to a balance wheel beating at 360'000 vibrations per hour: 10 times more precise than the previous world record (1/10th of a second at 36 000 vibrations per hour).

Instant readability of the elapsed time:
Thanks to its modern and ergonomic dial and its minutes / second / hundredth of a second red hands, the VANQUISH Calibre 360 displays the elapsed time allowing an instant readability.

Lightness and resistance:
The VANQUISH Calibre 360 is made of Titanium Grade 5, developed with the McLaren - Mercedes teams and is two times lighter and two times more resistant that stainless steel. The rubber strap optimizes the lightness of the chronograph.

Prestige and modernity:
With a polished finishing (the Titanium Grade 5 is the only titanium which can be polished), the overall design of the VANQUISH Calibre 360 is first and foremost sophisticated and modern. Modernity and sportivity are further stressed by its ergonomic rubber strap.


The VANQUISH Calibre 360 movement is made of 2 distinctive mechanical modules with their own escapement and power reserve, artfully interfaced together and driven by a patented bidirectional crown :

Exclusive TAG Heuer movement
360 000 vibrations per hour (10 x higher than best ever!)

1/100th of a second displayed on 6 o'clock counter
Power Reserve : more than 100 minutes

TAG Heuer Calibre 7 movement
28 800 vibrations per hour
Power Reserve : 42 hours

Controlled by 1 single crown :
• Turned CLOCKWISE, it rewinds the Chronograph movement
• Turned ANTI-CLOCKWISE, it rewinds the Watch movement

To protect this exceptional chronograph, TAG Heuer has field for 2 new patents :
• Displaying the 1/100th of a second on a wrist mechanical chronograph
• A single crown mechanism for rewinding both movements


Case made of Titanium Grade 5 (Ti5) developed with McLaren – Mercedes
- two time lighter than stainless steel
- two times more resistant than stainless steel
Made out of an alloy of titanium (90%), aluminum (6%) and vanadium (4%) the Ti5 is only titanium that can be polished.

Contemporary and sophisticated design of the Rubber strap for ultimate comfort

The « CHRONOGRAPH ENGINE » beautifully decorated with « Cotes de Genève » stands out of the modern dial and displays all the chronograph functions thanks to red hands:

• The 1/100th of a second at 6 o'clock
• The second in the center
• The minutes at 9 o'clock
• The chronograph power reserve like a fuel jauge on a car dashboard, at 12 o'clock

The most easy to read elapsed time thanks to the minutes / seconds / hundredth red hands offering an immediate readability.