King Arthur

Case material
Pink gold
Bracelet strap
Folding buckle
Water resistance
50 m
ø 44 mm
10.07 mm
Self-winding mechanical
Power reserve: 35 h, 28800 variations / hours
Hours, Minutes
Jumping Hour Hands
The Great Swords
Price incl. VAT
65'000 CHF


King Arthur - Moonyang

Watch-making creativity

Moonyang designers have long been obsessed with pop-up mechanism, the accumulation and instant release of power, especially the instantaneous pop-up ejection. From the perspective of designers, the release and accumulation of power is the most instinctive feature of life and the human’s most primitive pleasure is hidden at the instant pop-up moment. Thus, the brand launches the first pop-up watch. The pop-up time-display can be said to the innovation worthy of being engraved on every people’s mind throughout the time-display history of the watch. It breaks through people’s traditional cognition habit on time display and ushers in a brand-new time-display method of watch.

It is worth mentioning that, this kind of time-display method will never bring a sense of distance to people, but bring them cozy pleasure and intimate sensation. It lies in that this kind of innovated mechanism proceeds from people’s instinct interest and fancy.

The most prominent feature of this watch is that pop-up time-display, King Arthur concept and classic sword culture are perfectly integrated on a piece of watch. The knights valiantly draw out their swords at the crucial moment in the name of the lofty honor and uprightness, which is exactly the most civilized expression of this kind of pop-up philosophy.

Pop-up principle

The watch carries the exclusive jumping-hour hand movement ingeniously created by the brand. Twelve independent hour hands akin to sword edge on dial are directly placed on movement. There exists a corresponding track beneath each hour hand. A set of complex mechanical mechanism beneath the track drives corresponding hour hand device to guarantee precise motion of hour hand along the track. For each passing hour, minute hand akin to a complete sword rotates a circle. When minute hand points to twelve o’clock position, hour hand pops up from the bottom of its own track to external end of the track so as to display time based on resultant change of position. As time goes by, as to the instant moment rotating from twelve o’clock to one o’clock, in addition to hour hand at one o’clock position which stays still at original position, the remaining eleven hour hands instantly pop back to inner end of the track.

The realization of movement functions

Jumping-hour movement needs to instantaneously burst out massive power in the popping-up process, especially at the moment of the jumping from twelve o'clock to one o'clock. The required simultaneous withdrawal of eleven watch hands proposes a great challenge to mechanical structure and power allocation. In order to guarantee the maximized utilization of power and reduce power consumption of popping-up motion, engineering and design personnel take a lot of time and make strenuous efforts to ensure that each watch hand and track could get through the extremely rigorous grinding(Ra 0.1μm). Moreover, the pop-up distance and strength also need to be regulated in a complex and long-term way.

After going through over 26,000 hours of technological development, the Jumping H Hands movement which has the 35 hours of power reserve finally comes into being. The movement realizes three kinds of time-display prompt functions, including pop-up time-display prompt, pop-up vibration prompt and pop-up voice prompt. These three functions concurrently have novel time-display and dynamic appreciation of the watch.

Layout aesthetics

Twelve independent hands respectively pointing to twelve directions are magnificently placed on the dial. The position change of watch hands is used to display time, which manifests the knights’ courageous and indomitable demeanor on battlefields flashing with knives and swords and presents the unique radiation sensation in visual effect. For each passing hour, a watch hand pops up and instantly breaks through the original layout on dial, then quickly recreates a new layout on dial. Each hour consequently brings about completely different sensory experience so as to constitute a kind of unique dynamic layout aesthetics, which is exactly the unique feature distinguished from that of other watches.

The emphasis on details

The emphasis on details is fully manifested in all aspects of the King Arthur watch and  ultra-precise grinding techniques are used for hour hand and minute hand. The dial adopts the modeling design of round shield, uses the casted-iron texture to restore the distinct outlook in era of cold weapon. The bezel and hinge lug of the case use the armor, rivets and inserted inlaid blocks elements. The natural sapphire inlaid at the position of crown enriches product connotations in aspects of tactile sensation and sense of values. The back cover presents the scene of the sword in the stone by means of vivid microscopic-carving pattern, which is matched with the classic quote of the English writer Thomas Malory, “Whoso pulleth out this sword of this stone and anvil, is rightwise King born of all England.” It vividly recurs the start of the legendary life of King Arthur.