Case material
Bracelet strap
Pin buckle
Dial finish
Water resistance
30 m
ø 38 mm
7.95 mm
Hours, Minutes
Around the World
Price incl. VAT
3'456 CHF


France - Iris

France has been the cultural center of Europe for centuries. Its rich cultural heritage and history have made it a favorite travel destination for many. The one flower, which represents the country in all its glory is Iris, also found in the countries insignia and national emblem.

With the 2018 Around the World Collection Bijoumontre introduces a floral update to its range of travel-inspired watches. Based on the national flowers of some of the most sought-after travel destinations of the world, the designs are both feminine and romantic. The Iris iteration of the collection references France. It challenges the meanings of the flower’s iconic three pedals with its bold purple design:  wisdom, faith and chivalry. The floral design is used to create a romantic aesthetic, which furthermore adapts easily to the style of the women who wears them. With a unique interchangeable mechanism, the exclusive World Charms. This allows the wearer to mix and match separate version of Charms to create a fully unique and personalized style in one’s own preference.

With its two separate parts it allows for a wide variety of possible changes. Additionally, a lug system, integrated in the straps, also allows for a quick change of wristbands to further enhance the personalized aspect of the watch. The watch is boldly decorated with a total of 0.27ct natural diamonds, 0.68ct Amethysts and pink Sapphires. They are used to form a magnificent illustration of the Iris flower. Its refined leather strap in purple completes this romantic aesthetic, true to its original inspiration – France. With its floral inspiration, its multiple options for personalization and reference to one of Europe’s most iconic travel destinations, our Around the World Iris watch is BIJOUMONTRE’s iconic model for the year of 2018.

Story about the Collection – Around the World 2018

The wind plays with my hair, as I wander the world in search of new marvels. The souvenirs I take are the kisses of sunshine and the touch of wind, petals of flowers of the countries I visited lie on my soul like everlasting dreams. The countries we visit leave impressions in our mind, which grow into beautiful dreams of past wonders. The tastes of foreign cuisine leave us tingling for more. The touch of exquisite silk imprints exotic tenderness on our skin. The flowers we see throughout our journey lay on our soul, like a beautiful blanket of petals, forever to be a reminder of nature’s beauty.

Our new Around the World Collection cherishes the dreams of adventure to some of our favorite travel destinations. BIJOUMONTRE pays homage to them by ornamenting our watches with flowers symbolizing the national culture of these countries. These flowery Charms are delicately crafted with mother-of-pearl and sets of radiant colored sapphires and natural diamonds. Furthermore, a precious leather adds a premium feel to the overall aesthetics. The rich diversity of culture is emerged from the five strong colorways, one for each country, which let you find the perfect match of your own inner color.

What is your favorite travel destination going to be?  Switzerland, France, Italy, China or Japan? You choose your favorite! This year, Bijoumontre and the Around the World Collection are the floral memories of these special adventures you will embark on.